Instruments Repairing Services

Ahmadzai Standard L Ltd, provides technical repairing services for laboratory instruments (e.g Microlab 300, Microlab 400, Piccolo Xpress Analyzer, i-STAT chemistry and Blood Gas Analyzer, QBC Hematology Anlayzer, PCR machines Roche & Biorad, etc).

The technical & repairing services can be provided as contract-based, and daily basis against cash payments, All technical and repairing services will be provided at Ahmadzai Standard Workshop located in 203, 2nd Floor, Panjsher Business Center, Dahn-e-Bagh, Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan.

Phone#: +93 (0) 778 250 256.

Laboratory Training Services

Ahmadzai Standard L Ltd, facilitates practical usage training in Standard Medical Laboratory for those who are not familiar with their usage, training is free of cost.

Medical Supply

Ahmadzai Standard L Ltd, mobile supply services facilitates the supply of medicines, laboratory reagents & instruments anywhere through out the country.