About Us

About Us

Ahmadzai Standard L Ltd is a company that has launched its activities to serve in medical sector due to substantial demand for medical related services in Afghanistan and operating under national and international business rules.
ASL was founded in 1386 and registered with the ministry of commerce of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Ahmadzai Standard Logistic is exclusive distributor for EliTech Group, Vital Scientific, Vital Diagnostic, Abbott point of Care, Abbott Diagnostic, Abaxis, in Afghanistan, Let it not remained that Standard Medical Laboratory is the only reference laboratory in Afghanistan, with wide range capabilities at Medical Investigation, Services, and research.

ASL main office is located in Kabul, and has branches in other provinces of Afghanistan.


ASL has beed established to meet the following objectives:
1) Identifying Laboratories & Hospitals’ needs regarding to new advanced medical instruments & equipment.
2) Awareness of laboratory technicians from new technology and development at diagnostic sector.
3) Facilitating diagnosis of various diseases through advanced modern equipment.
4) Providing diagnostic services in rural areas of the country as well as technical services for medical laboratories.


ASL’s aim is to Provide great facilities in health sector, especially for diagnosis of various diseases; consequently to introduce Afghanistan as a self-sufficient country, therefore the countrymen will not necessitate travelling abroad for treatment.

Our Team

1) Dr. Bismillah Ahmadzai

He is the managing director and president of the company.

Afghanistan Cell# +93 (0) 787 90 60 50, +93 (0) 778 250 256.

USA Cell# +1 44 35 626 410, +1 786 350 7242

A team of professional individuals are working together to achieve ASL’s aim.

2) Mohammad Khalid Waqar

Administration Officer

Cell# +93 (0) 781 79 71 73

3) Mohammad Yousaf

Sales Officer

Cell# +93 (0) 778 250 256

4) Saleh Mohammad

Logistic Officer

Cell# +93 (0) 786 73 15 73

5) Mohammad Haroon

Finance Offier

+93 (0) 781 79 71 78

6) Ahmad Zia

Sales person

Cell# +93 (0) 798 250 256.